Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Night Shift: Phoenix, AZ (10/14/6)

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from a surprisingly rainy and slightly chilly weekend in Phoenix, AZ. While the rest of the Prestigious Models were in Montreal, Canada for the SCP Show, Pearl Nalani, Melanie Tillbrook, Jae Angel, and I were in Phoenix, AZ for Night Shift. I arrived in Friday and just spent the day relaxing. My friend, Huy, and Kathy Lee stuffed ourselves at Ra Sushi Bar and Restaurant then settled in to watch a movie at home. The next day, after getting some In-N-Out Burger, we headed to the show. Despite the threatening clouds and slight sprinkles, there was a good turnout. Melanie Tillbrook represented Falken Tires and Jae Angel represented Modified Magazine as well as hosted the Glo-Go competition. Pearl Nalani and I competed in the competition together and made top 3 Glo-go pairs. In the end, Abbie Ratay placed first and Pearl Nalani placed second. It was a long and tough competition! After the competition, we headed back to the Modified Lounge for the last hour or so. Here are the pics I took at the show:

Jessica Burciaga and Pearl Nalani

The RockStar Energy Drink Car and me

Pearl Nalani, me, and Kathy Lee

Pearl Nalani

Jessica Burciaga and me

Melanie Tillbrook, Jae Angel, me, and Pearl Nalani

Melanie Tillbrook, Pearl Nalani, and me

Melanie Tillbrook and me

Pearl Nalani, me, and Kathy Lee

Pearl Nalani, a cute 6 year old with a mohawk, and me

Jessica Barton and me

After the show, Jae Angel, Jessica Barton, Jessica Burciaga, Sahar Khadjenoury, and I headed to a new club called Jackrabbit in Scottsdale, AZ. It was an awesome club with a Las Vegas type feel with its hourly burlesque show! We had a great time just hanging out and dancing the night away. It was the perfect way to end the trip...right before my morning flight! Here are the images I took from the afterparty.

Jessica Barton and me

Jae Angel, Jessica Burciaga, Jessica Barton, and me

Jessica Burciaga and Jessica Barton

Jessica Burciaga and Jae Angel

Jae Angel, Sahar Khadjenoury, and me

I hope you enjoyed this update! Thanks to Huy for all your hospitality. Thank you also to everyone who made it out to the show, especially those who drove great lengths to attend. You're all awesome. See ya'll at the next show!

Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hot Import Nights: Dallas, TX (10/7/6)

Hey Everyone,

It was great to be back home in Dallas, TX this weekend for Hot Import Nights. The weather back home was perfect. All the girls loved it after the past few chilly weeks. This year the show was at Dallas Convention Center. We had loads of fun this at the show. Jae Angel and Dee Luo were the hot Rock Star Energy Drink go go dancers for the night. Sahar Khadjenoury, Maya Simone, Dee Luo, Jada Cheng, Apple Somoza, and I all competed in the Go Go Competition with Sahar Khadjenoury taking first place and Apple Somoza placing second. Go PM! Erica Ramos also competed for Queen of the Scene - Dallas. Without further adieu, here are pics from the show:

Me as Michelle Zen

Jae Angel and Ursula Mayes

Dee Luo and Jae Angel

Me and Ursula Mayes

Jada Cheng and me


Spectator with an awesome shirt and me

Sara Brinsfield and me

Michelle Zen and me

After the show, we headed to Club 102 for the afterparty. I had a wonderful time catching up with friends that I hadn't seen in weeks. Reena Vasquez was also celebrating her birthday! Here are some pics from the party:


Me and Michelle Zen

Me and Michelle Zen

Me and Michelle Zen

Michelle Zen, me, Erica Ramos, police officer, Kathy Lee, Amber Sulligan, Apple Somoza, and Dee Luo

Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and party. I hope all of you had as great a time as I did. There's no place like home!

Leigh Nguyen

Next stop: Phoenix, AZ

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hot Import Nights: Seattle, WA (9/30/6)

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from the very pretty city of Seattle, WA. The weather was great. It was nice and warm during the day and chilly and clear at night. After arriving at the hotel, I took a much needed nap then hit the stores with Amber Sulligan. That evening, we headed to North Star Casino for a fashion show. Here are the backstage pics:

Misa Campo, Pearl Nalani, and me

Pearl Nalani and Erica Ramos


Dee Luo, me, and Pearl Nalani

Pearl Nalani and me

The next morning we lounged around the hotel before heading into the city to set up for Hot Import Nights. It was pretty chilly that morning, but the turnout and crowd was great! Angie Romasantas was unable to make the show last minute so I filled in for her and danced with Pearl Nalani onstage. Later, we got to see Cassie perform! This was definitely one of the most exciting and fun shows this year. After the show, a stretch hummer limosine picked us up for the afterparty at Club Element. Here are the pics:

Me and Sara Brinsfield

Me, Jae Angel, and Ursula Mayes

Me, Pearl Nalani, a spectator, KimLoan, and Dee Luo

Christine Mendoza and me

KimLoan and me

KimLoan and Ursula Mayes

Me, KimLoan, and Jae Angel

Pearl Nalani and me

Pearl Nalani and me

Stephanie Ly and Pearl Nalani

Me, Stephanie Ly, and Dee Luo

Stephanie Ly and me



Jimmy Boi and me

Cassie and me

Well, that about wraps up my trip to Seattle, WA. This was a very memorable trip. Thanks to all the people who came out to the show, drove us around, and to the club promoters. Ya'll are awesome.

Leigh Nguyen

Next Stop: Dallas, TX