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Monday, September 12, 2005

Hot Import Nights: Atlantic City, NJ (9/10/5)

On Friday morning of Sept. 9th, I met up with Reena and headed up to the airport to leave for Philadelphia, PA. The show was in Atlantic City, NJ, but since we bought our tickets late, it was a lot cheaper to fly into Philadelphia. The plane ride was okay, but whenever we landed and went to baggage claim, we couldn't find our bags! There were a lot of bags showing up randomly on different carousels and we weren't the only ones looking befuddled. Ken and Woodrow from Team Regiment arrived at the airport and waited around with us while we looked for our bags. There was another flight from Dallas/Ft.Worth arriving a couple of hours after our flight so we figured our bags probably didn't make it onto our flight. After awhile, Ken and Woodrow had to leave to pick up Melanie and Abby from the airport in Atlantic City, so the twins, Steve and Phil, came and kept us company. There was no way I was leaving without my bag. I had put in a missing baggage report and an hour later I called the information line and discovered that they had found our bags and were getting it ready to deliver back to my house in Dallas! Luckily we caught it in time. After we ate dinner, we headed to the hotel in Atlantic City and Abby and Melanie soon arrived. The had spent the last couple of weeks in the jungles of Costa Rica filming a reality show so they were plenty tired. The stayed in while Reena, the guys from Team Regiment, and I went to "The Mix" club inside one of the casinos. When we got back, Michelle was there waiting for us.

Reena and me

Background: Pat, Ken, and Woodrow of Team Regiment Zero
Foreground: me and Reena

me, Ken, and Reena

Cindy, Abby, Reena and me

Ken and me

The next morning, we were all in need of manicures and pedicures so we had breakfast and the guys dropped us off at the mall. Michelle stayed behind because she had to be at the show earlier than us. After we got back, we got ready and left a little late. The show was bustling but wasn't super crowded. We were all split up. I was with Reena at the Team Regiment booth, Eri was with Pepsi, Michelle and Angie were together in the Modified Lounge, and Victoria and Abby were together in the TWC booth. We debuted our 2006 calendars so that was pretty exciting. I'm Miss April. The show ended a little earlier than usual, but that okay because I was ready to go out and party.

Victoria Bun and Abby M.

Michelle Yi

Michelle Yi & Angie Romasanta

Melanie Tillbrook

Reena Vasquez

me and Reena

Angie, Reena, and me

Me, being cheesy and flashing my undies.

Team Regiment Zero

After we got back, we ate some fried chicken, had friends over, took a couple of shots, and took tons of pics. At about half past midnight, we headed to Trump's Casino to party. I had a blast dancing and hanging out with everyone. We completely lost track of time and didn't get back to the hotel until close to 5:30! Reena and I threw everything into our bags and needless to say, we missed our 7:30 am flight in Philadelphia. Thank you Steve for driving us all the way to Philly! We really appreciate it. We caught the next flight home and I got a nice long afternoon nap. My only regrets is I lost my memory card to my camera sometime after leaving the casino early Sunday morning. Thank you HWent.com, JEImagery, Reena and Ken for the pics! For most of us, this was our last show together until December, so we definitely made the most of it. See you guys in Miami!
Clockwise: Abby, Reena, Victoria, and me

Abby, Victoria, me, and Reena inside Trump's Casino

Victoria, Reena, and me with a man who really knew how to cut a rug.

T op to Bottom, Right to left: Paul, Abby, Melanie, Pat, Woodrow, Marlon, Reena, Victoria, and me


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