Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sacramento & Reena's Birthday

I had a photoshoot in Sacramento, so on Friday, I woke up early and headed to the airport. As they were starting to load the plane, there was a delay. After about 30 minutes, they told us there was a mechanic on board fixing a malfunctioning seat. Looking out the window though, you could see someone under the plane and and hour or so later, they announced that the flight was cancelled because they had to order a part. It turns out the problem had to do with the engine and not the "seat." After a few more hours, I was finally on my way.

After I arrived, I finally got a bite to eat at In-N-Out Burgers, checked into my hotel and got ready to shoot. Afterwards, I was beat tired and settled in to take a nap and watch the Law & Order marathon on T.V. I really love that show. After a few hours, Kevin, the photographer, picked me up with Shelly so we could all have dinner. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and I had a huge bowl of pasta. As usual, I got sleepy after eating and decided to just go back to the hotel and sleep. I had exams that week and hadn't slept much.

After I got back to Dallas the following day, I headed home to get dressed to go to Club Che where Reena was having a girls' night out to celebrate her upcoming birthday. The closed down part of George Bush Turnpike, so after getting lost for half an hour in Sachse, I finally got home. I got ready in about 10 minutes and headed out. Unfortunately, I missed the cut-off time for the guest list. Paying cover sucks. I got to say "Hi," to my cousin who was working the bar, but she was super busy. After a few shots of Patron, I think I may have threatened people to tip her well -- threatened them with a death ray, like in that cereal commercial where that guy gets an intern. Had lots of fun and afterwards we went karaoking. I'm a terrible singer but I knew just about every song there was. I totally hogged the microphone. I am a bad ass rapper as well. My songs du jour were singing backup for Tommy Paige's "I'll be Your Everything" as well as 50cent's "PIMP." At around 5 a.m. my right eyed swelled shut because of allergies. I've been missing too many allergy shots. I slept for most of Sunday.