Leigh Nguyen

Monday, October 03, 2005

Upcoming Things this Week

So far this week, I have another exam. It's in Biological Health or something like that. It's basically a health class with a very long title that I can never remember. It's a pretty easy class as the topics are so general. I got my Calculus exam back from the week prior. I did pretty well. I really loathe math and that class. I'm a little upset because I worked out a problem correctly, then at the very end when I was finishing up the algebra, I accidentally put that 4 times 4 is 8 instead of 16. At least I got the trigonometry and formula right for the problem. I pretty much despised trigonometry as well. I actually enjoyed Physics a lot better even though it's the same calculus. I think I just enjoyed the eccentric stories the professor told and having to draw pictures for the problems. I drew the best damn diagrams and images of falling objects. I never quite understood why I would need to know calculus just in case someone fired a cannon ball at a 37 degree angle from a hill that's 50 ft high and I happened to want to know how fast it was going and how far I would have to move to avoid it. I would just run and duck, especially if I didn't have scratch paper and a scientific calculator handy to help me figure this one out. Anywho... As I was saying. I have an exam this Wednesday in my Bio class.

Then on Thursday, I'll meet up with Reena and Kim Loan for a Prestigious Models Model Search Party in Baltimore, MD at Club Mate.

I think on Friday, we have another appearance somewhere in Virginia for the same type of thing. If you're in the area, drop by and say, "Hello." The flyers are a little small so visit either PMGirls.com or MateClubLounge.com for more details.


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