Leigh Nguyen

Monday, December 12, 2005

Hot Import Nights: Miami, FL (12/10/5)


Miami was a blast! I got in a couple of days early, on Thursday, so I could enjoy the city and relax. Miami did not disappoint. It was about 11 degrees and icy in Dallas, TX when I left and about 78 degrees when I arrived in Miami. What a change! Guess I didn't need all those jackets and sweaters I packed :)

Robert and "Rooster" from Speed Lab picked me up from the airport. Thanks, guys! We drove through Li'l Havana to pick up some food. I fell asleep during the plane trip and missed my bag of peanuts and beverage :(

Judy was gracious enough to let me stay in the guest room at her house. Thank you so much! After settling in, Robert and Judy helped me do my hair. Robert: Future stylist to the stars! I had a shoot that night, but it was a small studio with a very big dog. I love dogs, but I'm terribly allergic to them so we called off the shoot. Time to pig out!

Robert and I met up with Rooster at a Japanese restaurant. We had spicy salad, filet mignon with shrimp and rice, edamame, French roll, Dynamite roll, Green Dragon roll, Kimchee roll, Fox Tail roll, Volcano roll, and a couple of others that I don't remember. It was absolutely delicious!

Afterwards, the guys from Speed Lab had to finish up on their cars so I stayed in and relaxed because I had a shoot early in the morning on South Beach. The shoot went well, but I was so exhausted afterwards that I fell asleep for hours! After picking up Jae and KimLoan from the airport, we checked into Nassau Hotel which was totally bad ass! It was right on South Beach and close to everything. We were exhausted from driving around so we stayed in for the night.

Funny conversation snippet with Jae while watching T.V. and getting ready for bed. A late night commerical for a dating / sex phoneline came on. A group of young attractive girls are sitting together all talking on the phone while wearing negligees
Me: I love these commercials. They're so funny. It's as if we really sit around in our
underwear talking to each other.
Jae: I know, right. Bet some guys really think we do that.
(pause...we both look at each other)
Me: Hey, we are doing that right now...
Jae: Yeah...
Me: ...but we're not touch and feeling each other though

We totally slept in the next morning but manage to take a stroll through the boutiques on South Beach after Tiffany arrived. I'll definitely have to make a return trip.

After ordering some of the best pizza ever, we got ready for the show. The show was jammed packed and we were cramped for space but we all had a blast like always.

Afterwards, we headed to Amica for the after party and liquor promotion. The club was super nice. I would've loved to just party there. The staff was awesome and made us feel welcomed. I was so exhausted from the show...my little feet were killing me from the platforms.

Next morning, it was back to Dallas!

Abby, Tiffany, me, and Jayde

Tiffany looking peaceful. Her phone was going off in hand but she was sound asleep. How cute!

KimLoan sleeping

Abby always falls asleep and wakes up with a smile on her face. Notice Tiffany has 3 pillows and Abby has 1, which leaves me with 0 pillows. I devised a plan to tickle the side of Tiffany's face so that as she would roll over, Abby would grab a pillow underneath her. We decided to let her be, however :)

Me and Abby

I like to feed Jayde. "Here comes the airplane..."

Jayde, KT So, KimLoan, Abby, me, and Tiffany

Me and Abby after someone spilled our drink trays at Amica

Me and KimLoan in the back room at Amica

Eri's friend (unsure of name's spelling), KimLoan, Eri, Abby, and me

Abby, me, and Eri

Me, KT So, and Jenny Chu

Tom from Myspace and me

Faline, (doh! forgot your name), Pam Rodriguez, and me

Tiffany, me, Jayde, and Abby

Jayde, Abby, Christine Mendoza, KimLoan, Tiffany, and me

Me and Jayde

Me and Jayde

Jayde and I, sharing a hot dog. Yum!

Abby and me

Tiffany (newest PMGirl!) and Abby

Abby and me

Their shirts say "Single 4 Models Only" and "Myspace.com" So cute, had to take a pic.

Me, Tiffany, and Abby