Leigh Nguyen

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hot Import Nights: Chicago, IL (3/25/6)

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from Hot Import Nights in Chicago, IL. I had a blast as usual. The drive up to Chicago from Dallas was tiring though! Thanks to Team 16niss for letting me hitch a ride up to the windy city :)

I arrived on Friday night and met up with Pearl, Angie, and Dee at Club Wet for the HIN Pre-party where Pearl and Angie were go-go dancing. Dee and I danced and partied while they worked. After we walked back to our hotel, we did some late-night grubbing on pineapple & ham and mushroom & jalapeno pizza. Yum!

Angie Romasantas, Pearl Nalani, Dee and me

Dee and me

For some reason, we all got up extra early the next morning and ran some errands downtown (i.e. breakfast and shopping for outfits to wear to the show)

After we got back to our hotel, we went up to KimLoan, Michelle Zen, and Jae's room to catch up with each other. I've missed everyone the past few months! After awhile we went back to our room to get ready, but I returned a short while later to do a single set shoot with Pure Hot Models (www.purehotmodels.com).

McCormick Convention Center is HUGE! We almost got lost trying to find the show. Everyone was so nice, and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Surprisingly, I only heard the word "Myspace" once. And to whomever stole Dee's sidekick at the show, shame on you! Other than that, the show was awesome.

Me and Pearl Nalani

Me and Jae Angel

Nou Li, KimLoan, and me

Me and Jamie from Dunlop & Team 16niss

Angie Romasantas, Jae Angel, Dee, me, KimLoan, and Pearl Nalani

Brrr...it's cold!

Me, Pearl Nalani, Christine Mendoza, and Angie Romasantas

Kevin Araki

Jae Angel

Little Pearl and me


Jae Angel

Angie Romasantas



Pearl Nalani

He bought a calendar and poster then kindly asked if I could pose on his car. Near the end of the show, I made my way over. Ask and you shall receive.

After the show, we headed straight to the after party at Club Wet again. It was packed! Dee, Jae, and Nou danced while Sheena Lee, Jessica, KimLoan, Pearl, Angie, and I just joined in the festivities. Thanks to the awesome club manager, JD, and JR for your hospitality during our stay. We really appreciate it and had a blast :)

Dee, Pearl, me, Nou, and Angie

Sheena Lee and me

Me, Angie, JR, Dee, unknown, and Nou

Nou and me

Nou, Dee, me, Jae, KimLoan, Angie, and Pearl