Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sexy Import Night - Rochester, NY (7/29/6)

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from a rockin' party in Rochester, NY. While the rest of the PMGirls were in Chicago for Night Shift, Amina, Dee, Doria, and I met up in Rochester, NY for Sexy Import Night presented by Xquisite at VIP Lounge.

I started the trip by catching a 6 a.m. flight! I was the first to arrive, so I met up with the promoter, Bee, who is also the owner of Xquisite Boutique. After checking into the hotel and picking up the rest of the girls who arrived a couple of hours later, we went shopping at Xquisite and picked up some hot dresses on top of the complimentary dresses for the show! Afterwards we sat down to big meal at a Sushi and Thai restaurant. We fell in love with the calamari. It was the best calamari any of us had ever tasted! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to nap and rest up for the show. The beds were unbelievably comfortable. We did not want to get up!

The car show prior to the party ended up getting rained out, but we still had the party and it was a blast! We did a quick round of body shots and mingled with the crowd but spent much of the night dancing our tushes off. After the party, we were exhausted and headed back to the hotel to prepare for our journey back home. Thank you to Bee, the girls of Xquisite Boutique and everyone in Rochester, NY who came out and made us feel welcomed. Love ya'll!

Leigh Nguyen

Flyer for the party!

Dee Luo, me, Amina Sade, and Doria Michelle

Amina Sade, Dee Luo, Doria Michelle, and me

Amina Sade and Dee Luo

Amina Sade and Dee Luo

Me and Doria Michelle

Dee Luo and me

Amina Sade

Doria Michelle


Dee Luo

Amina Sade and Doria Michelle

Amina Sade and Doria Michelle

Dee Luo and me

Amina Sade, me, Bee of Xquisite, and Doria Michelle

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