Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Night Shift - Flushing, NY (8/12/6)

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from a very fast-paced and jam-packed trip to the Big Apple! After one flight delay and long delays in security with the new TSA regulations, I finally made it to New York City! Upon arrival, I had some yummy Korean food then met up with PMGirls interns Q and Kim. We drove around New York and did some sightseeing before getting ready and hitting up four parties to promote for the PMGirls party the following night at Pachita.

Me, KimLoan, a club promoter, and Q & Kim (PM interns)

On Saturday morning, the interns and I got up early to do some shopping in Brooklyn. We found some great deals before heading back to KimLoan's place to get ready for the show. We then made the hour long drive to Shea Stadium in Flushing which allowed me to fit in a much needed nap. There was already a line when we arrived and later we were pleasantly surprised with the new 2007 Exotic Imports Calendar. It looks awesome and everyone was pleased with the way it came out. The show was pretty packed and exciting with the media there. We all got to do interview spots for BET and Stuff Magazine. However, other than that, the show was very relaxed and the weather was perfect!

Me and Pearl Nalani

Me, Pearl Nalani, Humaira, Connie Chu, and Lauren

Pearl Nalani, Humaira, me, and Connie Chu

Humaira and me

Me and Natasha Yi

Amina Sade and Amber Lee

Pearl Nalani and Sunisa Kim

Me and Amina Sade

KimLoan, Pearl Nalani, Sunisa Kim, Amber Lee, Lauren, me, and Ursula Mayes doing a video spot interview for Stuff Magazine

Tyson Beckford and me

After the show, we packed things up and headed to the after party at Pachita, located above Pacha in the meat packing district of New York City. The DJ had a great mix of house, hip hop, top 40, and some oldies-but-goodies thrown in there. Connie and I teamed up to sell body shots to the crowds while the interns, Q and Kim, partnered together. The crowd was awesome, and Connie and I had a great time mingling, dancing, and hanging out with the rest of the girls!

Connie Chu, Humaira, Pearl Nalani, me, and KimLoan

Pearl Nalani and me

Connie Chu, me, Humaira, and Pearl Nalani

After we finished selling the shots, most of the girls that lived in the area decided to call it a night. The club did not close until 4AM, so I checked out the other floors which offered a range of Hard House and Trance music. The club was huge! After leaving the club, it was only a few hours before I had to go to the airport so we drove around New York to catch some missed tourist sites like the River Cafe and Grand Central Station. Before leaving, I had the best chicken and rice gyro ever from a kiosk on the street corner. Yum!

Thanks to everyone who made my trip to New York fun and enjoyable. Special thanks to KimLoan's friend Wayne for driving us around and showing me all the sights! I had an awesome time and really understand the term "New York Minute" now.

Leigh Nguyen

Next Stop: Los Angeles, CA