Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Night Shift: San Francisco, CA (9/23/6)

Hey Everyone,

After a very day filled with delayed flights and a tiring layover, I'm finally home. San Francisco, CA is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. I arrived early on Friday in San Jose, CA and took a much needed nap. After dining with Jae Angel at In-N-Out Burger, we met up with KimLoan and Kathy Lee to do a little shopping in downtown San Jose. After taking a little rest back at the hotel, we drove into San Francisco for a shoot with Zoomx.com and a very fun interview with Octane TV.

The next morning we met up with the rest of the girls and Pearl Nalani and I got to do a shoot with Steve Bitanga. Night Shift took place at AT&T Park which sat right on the bay which consequently made the entire evening very windy and cold. Despite the chilly weather everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. It's great to see that the weather conditions didn't have much affect on the turn out and that it didn't put a damper on anyone's mood at all. Even though we were all bundled up and shivering, the spectators were still awesome. I got to reunite with Carla Maria and do an interview with her for Diva Mania. It's been a year since I last saw Carla and it was awesome catching up. Without further adieu, here are the pics I took at the show!

Me & Francine Dee

Me, Christine Mendoza & KimLoan

Me, Jae Angel, & Misa Campo

Me & Melissa Reign

Me & Alie Layus

KimLoan, Eri Moriyama & me

Jae Angel, me & Carla Maria

Kaye Linn & me

Jae Angel, Pearl Nalani, me & Melissa Reign

Kathy Lee, Jae Angel, Jessyca Rayanne, Pearl Nalani, KimLoan, me & Melissa Reign

Me & Melanie Tillbrook

Pearl Nalani & me

Me & Sahar Khadjenoury

Helen Su & me

Melissa Reign & Steve Bitanga

Me & Melissa Reign

Special thank you to everyone who came out to the show and especially to those got the new Exotic Imports 2007 calendar. Ya'll rock! Also, thank you to Zoomx and Steve Bitanga for taking the time to shoot and to everyone who showed us some warm hospitality and took care of us!

Leigh Nguyen

Next stop: Seattle, WA

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Night Shift: Las Vegas, NV (9/9/6)

Hey Everyone,

I had an awesome time in Vegas! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless I'm there with a camera! Then everything must be captured and blogged. I arrived in Las Vegas in the evening and waited for Jae Angel, Sahar Khadjenoury, and their friend Melinda to come pick me up. They drove in from Arizona for the show and to celebrate Jae's birthday! We headed straight to Rio where we were staying the night and where they were hosting the Night Shift Pre-party at Club Rio. Pearl Nalani, Sahar Khadjenoury, Jeri Lee, and Nikita Esco got onstage around midnight to gogo dance while the rest of us partied and hung out. After awhile a few of us decided to go casino hopping. Here are pics from the pre-party:

Me, Jessyca Rayanne, Angie Romasantas, and Jae Angel

Jeri Lee

Sahar Khadjenoury

Pearl Nalani

Me, KimLoan, Kathy Lee, Jessyca Rayanne, and Angie Romasantas

The next day, we found it very difficult to get out of bed after staying out 'til the wee hours of the morning. After lounging around for a little while, we got ready and headed to the show, but not before we got lost for an hour. Thanks to all those who gave us the right directions to the show! Here are some pics from the show:

Me and Jae Angel

Michelle Zen

Michelle Zen and me

Me and Melinda

Me and Natalia Marie

Pearl Nalani and me

Me and Christine Mendoza

Jessyca Rayanne and Pearl Nalani

Angie Romasantas & Michelle Zen

Angie Romasantas, Michelle Zen, and Pearl Nalani

Huy and me

Pearl Nalani and me

Sahar Khadjenoury

Michelle Zen, Angie Romasantas, and me

Jessyca Rayanne, me, and Pearl Nalani

Pearl Nalani and me

Pearl Nalani and me

It was rather warm outside, but the tent made it nice and bearable. Everyone we met was very nice and enthusiastic about HIN's first visit to Las Vegas. After nightfall, the crowd dispersed and I packed up early to get ready and see the rest of Vegas! After partying it up at the Night Shift after-party at Ice, we left and watched some live performances at casinos. After a late night meal of burgers, chicken strips, fries, and vegetables, we parted ways and I headed home! Here are some pics from the afterparty at Ice:

Jeri Lee

Me, Melinda, and Jae Angel

Natalia Marie and Sahar Khadjenoury

Jae Angel

KimLoan, me, and Angie Romasantas

That about wraps up my trip to Sin City. I had a great time and was not disappointed. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality and kindness :)

Leigh Nguyen

Next Stop: San Francisco
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