Leigh Nguyen

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hot Import Nights: Seattle, WA (9/30/6)

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from the very pretty city of Seattle, WA. The weather was great. It was nice and warm during the day and chilly and clear at night. After arriving at the hotel, I took a much needed nap then hit the stores with Amber Sulligan. That evening, we headed to North Star Casino for a fashion show. Here are the backstage pics:

Misa Campo, Pearl Nalani, and me

Pearl Nalani and Erica Ramos


Dee Luo, me, and Pearl Nalani

Pearl Nalani and me

The next morning we lounged around the hotel before heading into the city to set up for Hot Import Nights. It was pretty chilly that morning, but the turnout and crowd was great! Angie Romasantas was unable to make the show last minute so I filled in for her and danced with Pearl Nalani onstage. Later, we got to see Cassie perform! This was definitely one of the most exciting and fun shows this year. After the show, a stretch hummer limosine picked us up for the afterparty at Club Element. Here are the pics:

Me and Sara Brinsfield

Me, Jae Angel, and Ursula Mayes

Me, Pearl Nalani, a spectator, KimLoan, and Dee Luo

Christine Mendoza and me

KimLoan and me

KimLoan and Ursula Mayes

Me, KimLoan, and Jae Angel

Pearl Nalani and me

Pearl Nalani and me

Stephanie Ly and Pearl Nalani

Me, Stephanie Ly, and Dee Luo

Stephanie Ly and me



Jimmy Boi and me

Cassie and me

Well, that about wraps up my trip to Seattle, WA. This was a very memorable trip. Thanks to all the people who came out to the show, drove us around, and to the club promoters. Ya'll are awesome.

Leigh Nguyen

Next Stop: Dallas, TX